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Here you can see all of my latest works. Please check out my work, and don't forget to comment on something an favourite anything that you really like, and show it to your friends. Thanks for looking.

~Brandon Farrelly

Random Favourites

These are some of my favourite pictures from across Deviantart. Be sure to check them out, as you might find something you like too, and maybe even something that belongs to you. Enjoy.

~Brandon Farrelly


Transformers: Earth Bound Soundwave by BrandonsWork
Transformers: Earth Bound Soundwave
Updating now with someone that's been a long time coming, Soundwave
  • Soundwave has been situated on a space station orbiting Cybertron since just before the planet went dark. With help from Frenzy, Laserbeak, and Buzzsaw, he keeps communications between participating Decepticon groups across the galaxy, in an attempt to prevent too many from going rogue
  • Soundwave has incredibly heightened senses, and is much more receptive to sight and sound than the average Cybertronian. As a result, he has to wear a face guard to act as a filter, to stop his mind from overloading. Were he to take it off, he'd begin to have a seizure of sorts (Think what happened to Zod and his army on Earth without their protective gear in Man of Steel). It's been so long since he's removed the mask, no-one remembers what his face actually looks like
  • At first I designed with a much bulkier design in mind, similar to his DOTM or Machine Wars appearances, although I was never happy with anything I drew. Thus, he was given a much sleeker form, akin to his Prime incarnation more than anything. I did the two different colour schemes because I wasn't sure which one I prefered, although I'm kind of leaning towards the primarily silver one. There are enough blue Soundwaves out there
  • He transforms into a Cybertronian spy plane
  • He would be voiced by Kevin Grevioux

I'll let you guys decide which deco Soundwave should wear. Share your thoughts/vote in the comments!
Transformers: Earth Bound Swerve by BrandonsWork
Transformers: Earth Bound Swerve
This next design is probably my favourite one so far. It's everyone's favourite chatterbox, Swerve
  • Swerve first made a name for himself when he bought and renovated a worn out old tavern called "MacAdam's Bar". It quickly became one of the biggest hot spots on Cybertron, and was one of the few places during the war that wasn't attacked by Autobot or Decepticon. Swerve himself remained neutral to avoid any personal bias which he thought might effect business
  • However, the bar couldn't stay open for the entire war, as it soon became too dangerous, even though it was in a neutral area. Swerve, along with hundreds of other Cybertronians, went to Nebulos, where we opened a new bar and diner called "Swerve's", which caters to all manner of creatures from across the galaxy
  • Swerve became a bartender primarily because he enjoys talking to people and making them happy, and nothing makes a Cybertronian happier than fermented Energon. For the majority of the time, Swerve is all smiles and laughs, all though there are some to believe it to be a show, to hide how he really feels
  • As I mentioned, Swerve is probably my favourite of the designs I've done so far. I know that sounds a bit cocky, but we all have our favourite pieces that we've done ourselves  I wanted him to look like a bartender, hence the bow-tie and "shirt" on his chest. I was originally going to give him an apron too, but I thought it was a bit over kill. I'm sure he has one that he can take on and off though...
  • He transforms into a drinks trolley with two bionic arms to serve drinks
  • He would be voiced by John Mullaney
Transformers: Earth Bound Sledge by BrandonsWork
Transformers: Earth Bound Sledge
Another little something I drew up. It's Sledge (Copyright of Zombiebot designs 2014)
  • Sledge is much bigger than most Autobots. Her perception of the space around her isn't great either, making her a bit clumsy at times. This has lead to her having fairly low self esteem, causing her to be quiet and shy. However, if anyone tries to harm her friends, she becomes engulfed in rage and anger, which she won't hesitate to use against a potential threat to those she cares most about
  • Before the war she worked alongside the Constructicons. But when it came to choosing sides, she didn't agree with the Decepticons' means of achieving their goals, and so she signed up for the Autobots
  • As mentioned, Sledge was originally created by Zombiebot as part of Elita-1's team, and has made several appearances in his comic. Seeing as how a few people were doing their own versions of her, I decided to take a bash at it as well
  • She transforms into a wrecking ball crane
  • She would be voiced by Vanessa Marshall


Okay guys, I'm now opening spaces for commissions! College is starting up in about a month, so the extra money would come in handy. I'm gonna lay out some quick guidelines and then we'll get started on prices!

  • I'll be taking on a maximum of five commissions at a time
  • don't draw NSFW pieces
  • I have the right to turn down drawing a piece if I so choose
  • If you want to commission a piece from me, send me an note here, or an ask on my Tumblr, which I will link below, and we can discuss details there
  • Once a commission is requested, I will send you a message once I have begun work on the piece, and you will then send me the payment via PAYPAL ONLY
  • YOU pay the PayPal fees

my Tumblr page can be found HERE

Now, on to pricing

Click here to look at some samples!


  • Examples are Robin Williams and Electro
  • Pencil Sketch €2
  • Inked €3.50
  • Full Colour €5

3/4 Body Shot

  • Examples are Gypsy Danger and Shockwave
  • Pencil Sketch €7
  • Inked €10
  • Full Colours €15


  • Examples are Bumlbebee, Tailgate, Raphael, Ironman, and Optimus w/ Grimlock
  • Pencil Sketch €12
  • Inked €17
  • Full Colours €22

Each additional character, regardless off drawing type, is €2. So, the Optimus and Grimlock shot would cost a total of €24, as there are two characters

Thanks for looking guys! Even if you don't want to commission me for anything, please share with others to get the word around. I'd really appreciate it!


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Brandon Farrelly
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Hey guys. I'm a just an abnormal teenage boy from Ireland looking to share his work with the world. I hope you enjoy all of my comics and photos.

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