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Here you can see all of my latest works. Please check out my work, and don't forget to comment on something an favourite anything that you really like, and show it to your friends. Thanks for looking.

~Brandon Farrelly

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These are some of my favourite pictures from across Deviantart. Be sure to check them out, as you might find something you like too, and maybe even something that belongs to you. Enjoy.

~Brandon Farrelly


Ultron Bust by BrandonsWork
Ultron Bust
I drew this a few weeks back on my friend's tablet a few weeks back, completely forgot about it

Anyway, I saw Age of Ultron recently (great movie), and figured I'd upload this here
Optimus Prime Bust by BrandonsWork
Optimus Prime Bust
A quick sketch I did of the big-rig himself. His chest should be a bit bigger, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with it

Drawn on my friend's tablet
Mad 'Jack by BrandonsWork
Mad 'Jack
I like to imagine that BH Wheeljack is from some apocalyptic future where everyone has these Mad Max-styled upgrades on their vehicle and robot modes
Some Say... by BrandonsWork
Some Say...
I made a little Stig from Top Gear using a Stormtrooper body and a white racing helmet. I think it works pretty well
So I got CW Air Raid in the post today, and I thought that rather than doing a bunch of individual reviews, I would just do one big collective review, giving brief notes on each of the team members. This seemed like the best option, especially given that all deluxe Aerialbots are - albeit, heavy - remolds of one another. So, let's get to it!

Firefly - I think if I had to pick a least favourite from this team it'd be Firefly. There's nothing particularly wrong with him, I just like the others more. I do like his head sculpt a bit, as it has that nice blocky, G1 feel about it. His primary colours are red and white, with splotches of blue here and there to help him pop a bit more. His robot mode is nice, and has all the necessary joints in the right places, which is mostly ball joints. One thing I want to say about these deluxe Aerialbots is that they're all pretty expressive if you put them in the right poses. I think Firefly's vehicle mode is what brings the figure down a bit for me. The body of the jet just seems too wide and thick at the front, and the wings too short. It definitely doesn't look terrible, but it does look off

Alpha Bravo - The new guy in the group; Alpha Bravo was pretty hyped up when he first got released. I don't think he really lives up to that hype, but he's still a pretty good figure. He adds some nice variation to the group, being a helicopter, and his transformation is reversed, compared to the others, which is neat. On the deluxe jets, the legs form the rear of the vehicle, and the torso forms the front and cockpit. On Alpha Bravo, the legs form the cockpit of the helicopter the torso forms the rear and tail. His main rotor sits kind of right behind his thighs, and can restrict some poses, but it's easily moved out of the way. It would be nice if the actual rotors locked in somewhere, because as is, they just flop around unless you jam them between the tail fins. This guy was clearly designed to be Vortex - I mean, look at that head - but he's still a nice addition to the Aerialbots, but definitely not my favourite. Still, I won't be replacing him with Quickslinger anytime soon

Skydive - There's something really neat about this guy; I'm not sure if it's his unique shoulder transformation, his expressive head sculpt, or his colour scheme. Skydive just stands out for me. He's not without his flaws though, as Skydive seems to be the one Aerialbot with the most QC issues, based on what I've read. I'm on my second one now, and I hope I won't have to get a third. Watch those leg joints, people. But those issues aside, I do really like this guy. I like the contrasting red, black, and grey colour scheme, with the popping orange face. He also stands out a bit more because he's the only Aerialbot out of the five who isn't primarily white in robot mode. I think he also has my favourite jet mode of the five. I just think he's really cool. If you get one Aerialbot, get Skydive

Air Raid - Air Raid is a very close second to being my favourite of the group. He goes from a primarily black jet mode to a primarily white robot mode, a feature I always think is really cool in figures. His wings also have a unique step in the transformation; whereas the others just fold back at a ninety degree angle to the body of the robot, Air Raid's wings fold back, and then fold up, so he has a more compact back-pack. It also means his wings pop up over his shoulders, giving him a more unique look. This is kinda necessary for this guy though, as he seems to use a lot of parts from the other guys in robot mode; Skydive's arms (although the shoulders are remolded) and legs, a heavily remolded version of Firefly's torso, and what looks like will be Quickslinger's head, minus a visor. Still he looks great, and it's nice to finally finish off the Aerialbot group

Silverbolt - As the leader of the group, and the torso for Superion, Silverbolt is given to us in the form of a voyager figure. His vehicle mode is quite nice, and definitely looks like a Concorde. It's even got the hinged nose. However, his robot mode is very much present on the underside, as is the case with just about every Silverbolt toy ever (Well, maybe not Beast Wars). His transformation isn't anything too special, although I do like how the legs fold up to form part of the wings. His robot mode looks great. This guy is definitely Silverbolt. He's big and blocky, and has this presence about him. You could instantly tell he's the leader of the group. He's got some great ratchet joints in his hips and shoulders, which make him nice and sturdy in most poses. Speaking of which, he's got a great range of motion, and is just as expressive as the deluxe Aerialbots. Overall, I think Silverbolt is a really fun figure

Over all, the Aerialbots look fantastic together. The shared red, white, and black colour scheme really helps to emphasise that these guys are part of a unity, but at the same time, each one has their own unique molding or detailing that helps them to pop and stand out from the others. There's definitely no mixing up the names of these guys, as many people could easily do with the G1 versions of these characters. I know I did

Now, to finish this review, the piece de resistance!


The main reason to buy Combiner Wars figures is to plug figures in together, mix them around, and to form combiners. Superion is technically the first of these combiners that we got, given that four of his five components were released in the first wave. He definitely sets a standard for the line. He is so much fun! It's great being able to swap around the deluxes and try out different configurations, and the simple transformations means it's easy to try out different looks in the space of minutes. A lot of people I've read have said that 3P combiners can often be too difficult and too much of a hassle to combine, so once they're combined, that's it. But the Combiner Wars figures can easily be alternated between their different forms in seconds, which makes for great fun!

In spite of his size and weight, Superion is particularly expressive, and able to support himself in a variety of poses. This is aided by the previously mentioned ratchet joints in Silverbolt. The hand and foot pieces also look pretty good on him in hand; much better than in the original photos we got. The hands are very versatile, and the feet are able to keep Superion on his toes (hehe) in a variety of poses 
However, he could definitely benefit from some ankle tilts. A ball jointed neck also wouldn't go wrong, but given how Superion's neck forms, it's understandable why they went for the swivel instead. On that note, his head sculpt is actually really nice, and I'm glad they went with the face plate version of the head instead of the normal face

Over all, Superion is good fun. The Aerialbots are definitely worth picking up, and I recommed that you do. I'm looking forward to getting the Stunticons and Protectobots, as well as seeing what else this line has in store for us over the next year and a half. Fingers crossed for Bruticus!
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Brandon Farrelly
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Hey guys. I'm a just an abnormal teenage boy from Ireland looking to share his work with the world. I hope you enjoy all of my comics and photos.

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Greigio Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I remember that part. I recollect you and one of the other reviewers musing on Barricade exploiting the fact that Grimlock, as a T-rex, lacks a reliable way of dislodging riders.
Cool, thank you. This will prove useful to me....

Cool, thank you. This will prove useful to me....
BrandonsWork Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Photographer
1) Favourite moment? I'll admit I've fallen behind a bit, but I think my favourite moment from what I've read was the battle between Grimlock and Barricade, when Bumblebee got captured or pinned down by Barricade and Soundwave, I think it was

2) I upload by photos on the Photobucket. When I do that, I'm given an IMG link which I can copy and paste directly into a thread on TFW to display the image
Greigio Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hiya Brandon! Was musing on future endeavours and decided I wanted to ask you two quick things;

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