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Here you can see all of my latest works. Please check out my work, and don't forget to comment on something an favourite anything that you really like, and show it to your friends. Thanks for looking.

~Brandon Farrelly

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Since I seem to do one of these whenever we get new reveals

Just putting it out there from the start, I'm rather underwhelmed with a lot of what was shown to us. Not as much excited me as much as I'd hoped, but there's still a lot of really cool stuff. So I'm going to start with some of the 'disappointments', for lack of a better term, just to get them out of the way

  • Generations Deluxe Chromia - This one I'm still not entirely certain about. It's a, albeit extensively, remolded RID Arcee figure, which in itself is kind of disappointing, because I was hoping for a new mold, but at the same time it still looks very much like the character in the comics. I think I'll have to wait and see more of this figure before deciding on it.
  • Generations Deluxe Arcee - Far from being a bad looking toy. It looks similar to one of the Third Party releases, but still evidently a Hasbro product. Again, I'm not entirely certain about this one, but I'm kind of leaning towards not getting this one, as I was hoping for more IDW than G1. 
  • Generations Leader Megatron - Again, same as Arcee, I was hoping for more IDW than G1 with this toy. If it looked like his current MTMTE body or his Megatron Origins design, I'd get it in a heart beat. But instead it looks more like that old Megatron concept art from the first movie that looked really G1. Unlike Arcee, this is not a particularly good looking figure.
So we did see a lot of unexpected stuff there, which was cool. Before I get on to the stuff I'm really happy to see and intend to buy, I'll just talk briefly about some other stuff.
Voyager Prime looks okay. Not sure what to make of it right now, but I imagine it'll be one of those things that ends up really fun to play with in hand. I totally called the Hot Shot/Crosshairs repaint when we first heard about Hot Shot. If it has goggles these days, Hasbro will probably make it Hot Shot at some point. It looks a lot like Tracks though. Perhaps intentional because of the corvette vehicle mode? That Legends Powerglide looks pretty good. I probably won't get it, but it looks good. Cliffjumper too. I hope Hasbro continues to do Minibots with the new Legends line. I wouldn't mind a Huffer and a Pipes.

Now, on to the really cool stuff!

  • Generations Legends Bombshell - It is in itself almost, well, a bombshell. Pardon the pun. Definitely wasn't expecting that one. And they're saying they don't want to break up the set, so we could see Kickback at some point next year too. I might have to track down a Skrapnel now. I'd love a complete set of Insecticons!
  • Generations Voyager Brainstorm - I love that they based this figure on the MTMTE design, and gave him a Headmaster unit. It's a shame he doesn't come with a brief case but I can live without it. I'll definitely be getting this guy. He looks so much better than any Third Party release of Brainstorm that we've seen.
  • Platinum Edition/AOE Autobots Unite Set - I am so glad that I haven't picked up any AOE figures so far, and I only really want the five main Autobots, so the premium paint job makes this set a must have. Every figure looks way better than any other release of them so far. Even that Bumblebee looks to be pretty cool! Will definitely have to get this one!
  • Combiners for 2015 - That is the best news I could possibly hear. Superion would be an awesome set to have! I hope we get some Constructicons and/or Stunticons, and maybe some Protectobots. I'd kind of like an improved Bruticus/Combaticons set, although I don't expect it to happen with the FOC set still floating around in various forms. 

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Hey guys. I'm a just an abnormal teenage boy from Ireland looking to share his work with the world. I hope you enjoy all of my comics and photos.

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