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Here you can see all of my latest works. Please check out my work, and don't forget to comment on something an favourite anything that you really like, and show it to your friends. Thanks for looking.

~Brandon Farrelly

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These are some of my favourite pictures from across Deviantart. Be sure to check them out, as you might find something you like too, and maybe even something that belongs to you. Enjoy.

~Brandon Farrelly


Visit from the Past by BrandonsWork
Visit from the Past
Here's a piece I just finished working on this evening. I was inspired by a piece I saw a while ago of Pre-"Megatron Origins" Megatron asking his future AHM self why he had a fusion cannon

Just a quick reminder of Megatron's past, with some slight revisions

When Galvatron attempted a coup of Cybertron's government, Sentinel Prime banished him from the planet and segregated all those born in Kaon from the rest of the planet, including Megatron. Once an honoured general in the Elite Guard, he had now been stripped of everything

Kaon and its citizens were left to rot in horrible slum conditions, and so Megatron decided to do something about it. He gathered supporters, and began to develop his own political party, aided by Sentators Straxus and Ratbat, who represented his ideas and thoughts in the Council Chambers. 
However, Sentinel soon had Straxus and Ratbat assassinated, bringing about great anger in Megatron
He knew that the Primes could no longer be trusted to control Cybertron, and what had begun as an attempt to restore his glory and honour, became a fight to save the world and the people he loved. He set out to personally murder Sentinel Prime, and in the process, started a civil war, which grew only larger as time went on. Even after Sentinel's death, when Zeta became Prime, Megatron continued his attack on the Primes and those who sided with them. He had become obsessed with ending the lineage of the Primes, and no longer cared what it took to stop them. After murdering Zeta, he took the Matrix of Leadership and launched it into space, seemingly achieving his goals

However, when he heard of a new 'Prime', as everyone was calling him, he knew his work was not done, and that he would have to eradicate the Autobots as whole to truly end the lineage

As a challenge to you guys, how would your Megatrons' younger selves react to how they turned out? Would they be proud? Disgusted? Horrified? I'd be interested to see some other people give something like this a go
Transformers: Earth Bound Bludgeon by BrandonsWork
Transformers: Earth Bound Bludgeon
To celebrate Halloween, or Óiche Shamhna in Irish, I thought I'd share my version of Bludgeon with you lot

From the records of Autobot psychiatrist Rung
The subject known as "The Undead Warrior", aka Bludgeon, has been mentioned by many a patient in my many years as a psychiatrist. Patients often describe his death, some inflicting it upon him themselves, others simply witnessing it, only then to mention seeing him again on the battle field many years later. He does not speak, he does not scream - he simply fights and dies

I have discussed this enigma with many other professionals since it first arose in many a notebook and data-pad. Some believe that the real Bludgeon never existed, and the being that many claim to have killed is simply an idea, so to speak; various Decepticons wearing "Bludgeon" as a suit of armour, "pretenders" if you will. Others believe he uses hallucinogens to make others believe that he has died, in the hopes of terrifying them in years to come simply by seeing him. However, there are some holes in that theory, but none are truly air-tight

Some conspiracy theorists believe that he is in fact an immortal being, sent to Cybertron by Primus to punish us for this war that has ravaged the planet, although why Primus would give him a Decepticon badge, I'll never know. Until we can either capture this specimen, or access Decepticon psychiatric records to look for anything on the subject, it shall continue to remain an enigma..
  • As a side note, Bludgeon started out as Drift, but as I continued to make more and more changes to the design and story, I felt it was better suited to Bludgeon, and thus he came to be
  • He transforms into a tank

Have a good night everyone, and stay safe!
It was a trap by BrandonsWork
It was a trap
Got this Evasion Mode Optimus a few days ago, and then found a Takara one's for super cheap, so I decided to paint this one up 

Robot mode maintains the G1 colours scheme, while the truck mode has the rustic look to it


Okay guys, I'm now opening spaces for commissions! College is starting up in about a month, so the extra money would come in handy. I'm gonna lay out some quick guidelines and then we'll get started on prices!

  • I'll be taking on a maximum of five commissions at a time
  • don't draw NSFW pieces
  • I have the right to turn down drawing a piece if I so choose
  • If you want to commission a piece from me, send me an note here, or an ask on my Tumblr, which I will link below, and we can discuss details there
  • Once a commission is requested, I will send you a message once I have begun work on the piece, and you will then send me the payment via PAYPAL ONLY
  • YOU pay the PayPal fees

my Tumblr page can be found HERE

Now, on to pricing

Click here to look at some samples!


  • Examples are Robin Williams and Electro
  • Pencil Sketch €2
  • Inked €3.50
  • Full Colour €5

3/4 Body Shot

  • Examples are Gypsy Danger and Shockwave
  • Pencil Sketch €7
  • Inked €10
  • Full Colours €15


  • Examples are Bumlbebee, Tailgate, Raphael, Ironman, and Optimus w/ Grimlock
  • Pencil Sketch €12
  • Inked €17
  • Full Colours €22

Each additional character, regardless off drawing type, is €2. So, the Optimus and Grimlock shot would cost a total of €24, as there are two characters

Thanks for looking guys! Even if you don't want to commission me for anything, please share with others to get the word around. I'd really appreciate it!


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Brandon Farrelly
Artist | Student | Photography
Hey guys. I'm a just an abnormal teenage boy from Ireland looking to share his work with the world. I hope you enjoy all of my comics and photos.

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