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Here you can see all of my latest works. Please check out my work, and don't forget to comment on something an favourite anything that you really like, and show it to your friends. Thanks for looking.

~Brandon Farrelly

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These are some of my favourite pictures from across Deviantart. Be sure to check them out, as you might find something you like too, and maybe even something that belongs to you. Enjoy.

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Age of Animated by BrandonsWork
Age of Animated
I just ordered the Complete Allspark Almanac off Amazon, and I'm in a real Animated mood right now, so here's an old sketch I did ages ago and never uploaded
Managed to secure an Air Raid off of someone on TFW for only $25 shipped, so hopefully I should have him in about two weeks!
Swindle by BrandonsWork
In a classic pose, no less

I actually coloured this ages ago, although I never put any shading on it, which I kind of wish I did. Oh well, it still looks decent. I could always go back on it some day and do the shading 
Tailgate Playing by BrandonsWork
Tailgate Playing
An old drawing I decided to colour. I'm really happy with how it turned out, so much so that it's now my signature on TFW :D
So the New York Toy Fair started today, and is set to continue until this coming coming Tuesday, and even though the even has only just started, Hasbro has shown us quite a few goodies already

Robots in Disguise Warriors
So the new ones we're seeing here are Jazz and Sideswipe. Sideswipe looks alright. He's definitely accurate to the onscreen model, and his vehicle mode looks nice, but he doesn't interest me much. Jazz just looks like a heavy remolding of the Prime deluxe Bumblebee figure, which is unimpressive at best. It's safe to say I'll be passing on both of these. I don't see myself buying much more if any of these warrior figures

Robots in Disguise Launchers
I have no intention of buying these things, but I just wanted to mention them briefly because I think the concept is pretty neat. So far we're getting Fracture and Drift, as these guys have been shown to possess Minicons in the show, and I think the Minicon figures themselves look kind of neat, and the gimmick is something fresh, but I still have no intention of buying them

There is a Kreon Bumblebee combiner and a Kreon Optimus combiner. Different iterations of each character combine to form a larger figure, with the base Kreon being based on the G1 character, and the limbs, made of Micro-Kreons, being based on other versions, such as the Movies, Prime, Rescue Bots, etc. It's so ridiculously stupid, I want them both, and I want them to make more

Combiner Wars 
I'm just gonna talk about miscellaneous stuff here that looks good, but I probably won't be buying for whatever reason. Firstly, voyager Cyclonus looks like a decent remold of Silverbot, and the combined form is called Galvatronus apparently. I'll be curious to see how Hasbro expands on that. It'd be cool if we got some deluxe G1 season three characters to combine with him. But for now I'm happy with my Universe deluxe, so I'll be passing on this guy. I'm not to bothered about leader Thundercracker or either of the Megatrons, but they do look pretty good, I will admit

Combiner Wars Constructicons and Devastator
The individual Constructicon figures are a bit hit and miss. They all look pretty good, but they're lacking in some important points of articulation. Scrapper and Hook flat out have no elbow hinges, just swivels, and Long Haul just has this weird inward moving hinge thing, which wouldn't be so bad if he had a wrist and elbow swivel, but I don't think he does. The other three look much better. I think I like the look of Scavenger the most
Devastator is where this set really shines. Holy shit, it's clear that the combined form looking great was Hasbro's priority, and it almost makes you forget the few issues that are present in the individual Constructicons. This thing looks incredible, and standing a foot and half, he will tower over the other combiners. For reference, Superion comes to just under a foot tall and the top of his head. I would really like to get this set, but I'm gonna have to put it on the back burner for now, because there are other things that peek my interests more, and I need to be particular with my funds until my birthday and/or until I can get another job

Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus
Holy crap in a crapper, this guy looks incredible. Like he jumped right out of an issue of MTMTE. And he comes with a little Minimus Ambus figure too, which is a neat bonus! Granted, the Minimus figure isn't incredibly impressive, and I probably won't be doing much with it if I get this figure, but it's a cool nod to the comics. The Magnus figure itself though looks amazing! He is the perfect Ultra Magnus figure, and even looks better than the MP I think. The truck mode looks good, and you can make the Magnus hammer out of his gun and missile pods! This figure literally has everything you could want from an Ultra Magnus toy. I am definitely getting this thing

Combiner Wars Protectobots and Defensor
These guys are easily the highlight of Toy Fair for me. They look really good. When I first saw pictures on Allspark, I was a little disappointed by Defensor, but then the pictures went up on TFW and he looked ten times better. And all of the individual Protectobots look great. Hot Spot is easily the best looking voyager the Combiner Wars line has had to offer so far, First Aid and Streetwise are nice heavy-ish retools of Offroad and Dead End, respectively, and look great as a result. Rook is a new mold, and he looks awesome. No-one was really sure what he would be, and the SWAT truck is a nice choice, as it fits in nicely with the whole "protect and defend" theme of the group
Blades looks well too, even if he is just a repaint of Alpha Bravo. I'm glad that he at least got a new head mold, as the head on Alpha Bravo wouldn't have worked well for him. Yeah, I really cannot wait for the Protectobots to be released. I'll be preordering them as soon as the listing goes up on BBTS, you can count on that

I may add to this journal later on, or just do a second one, depending on what the next few days of Toy Fair reveal to us in terms of Transformers, if anything more at all 
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Hey guys. I'm a just an abnormal teenage boy from Ireland looking to share his work with the world. I hope you enjoy all of my comics and photos.

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